What’s Blocking Your View?


The view was beautiful as I looked out the window.  Coffee in hand, leaves changing colors, and the sun was shining.  I grabbed my phone to capture the moment, only to notice how my camera didn’t capture the beauty that I saw.  The blinds were blocking the view.

Seeing with your own eyes is always better than a picture.  Maybe, it’s because I could smell the coffee and feel the coolness of the fall air.  Maybe, it’s because technology is still not as good as the eyes that God created.

What’s blocking your view today?  Are you experiencing God through your own eyes or someone else’s lens?  Social media posts about God, a random scripture meme, a quick devotional book may give you a peek into God, but is that all you want to experience?  Reading God’s Word yourself and having daily prayer time with Him will lead you to a relationship that only your eyes can see.

I love to hear other people’s experiences and how God has shown them His will or answered their prayers.  It lifts my spirits and increases my faith.  However, having a personal relationship with Jesus and seeing Him work in my own life has a much larger impact.

We are all here to share our blessings and teach others to know God.  It’s through our eyes, that others begin to see a glimpse of who God is. But, we can’t experience Him the way we should if we let things block our view.



3 thoughts on “What’s Blocking Your View?

  1. You are so right about all of this. All the different points of views. But there is nothing like reading, studying and having my own personal relationship with Him. The way I view the world and my relationships, having a relationship with Him, is completely different than it used to be. My joy and my strength truly do come from the Lord. 🙏❤️


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