Proof that God Can Use Anybody

I have walked the valley of the shadow of death and even set up a tent there.  For four years, the ups and downs of life have been more downs than ups.  Searching and praying, I have sought the Lord’s will for my life.  Through a new Bible study that I have been teaching, God answered my four year prayer.  I left my job of nine years to start a new ladies’ ministry.  Welcome to Grace Time Ministries.  

My husband Brad is an ordained minister and we serve as the music ministry at Old Austin Baptist church.  I am a mom to my grown daughter, Shelby and her husband Shane.  My grands, Audrey and Benjamin, call me Zsa Zsa (like Zsa Zsa Gabor, just not so many husbands).  I am a story-teller, a people person, a relationship builder, and have a flair for saying what my friends call “Beth-isms.”  I truly believe that studying God’s Word is how we hear from Him.  I want to share what He has been teaching me and encourage you to listen to Him.  Mercy, we talkers have to work hard to learn to listen.  Shhh.  He likes to whisper.

I accepted Jesus as my Savior when I was eleven years old and was blessed to be brought up in church.  I have sinned, made messes in my life, and thank God for His sweet forgiveness.  My husband was not a preacher when we married.  However, a few years of living with me ran him straight to Jesus to surrender!  I have a sharp tongue and quick wit, neither of which serves me well.  Hence, the “proof that God can use anybody” hashtag was born.  Pray for Brad.  Living with me is no small task.

Coffee is a must and new coffee cups make me happy (and Brad sad).  I start my mornings with Jesus and coffee.  You will find my daily devotions recorded and shared on my Facebook group and Facebook page @gracetimeministries.  Please join there as I work to build this site.  Speaking to ladies’ groups is where I strongly feel led.  Pray with me that God leads this crazy, southern, Bible toter to the groups that need some laughter through the tears.  Drop a comment, send an email, and follow me on Facebook and Insta.  You will be a part of sharing God’s Word, and I thank you.

Have a great day in the Lord,


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