Do You See It?

A sale paper, a bill, and my husband’s check stub had my attention as I walked back from the mailbox. My mind was somewhere else when I heard chirping from the birds in my neighbor’s bloomed out Bradford Pear tree. Fake Spring is happening today in Arkansas, and the chirping reminded me to embrace the weather while it’s here. Then, I saw them. The first blooms on an otherwise dead looking bush. In my busyness, I normally miss the first blooms.

On a morning walk, I saw fully bloomed trees all through our neighborhood. Blue skies, with just a sprinkle of clouds, bird songs and a shining sun, I soaked up all the colors and feelings of Spring. I almost missed these first blooms of this bush. There’s beauty in the lonely buds against the brown background of empty branches.

What do we miss waiting for a full bloom? In all the steps of our journey, we can find God’s Hand. Comparing someone else’s “full bloom” to our “just planted” is how the enemy gets us off track. Newly planted, starting to sprout, first bloom all lead to a full bloom as long as we nurture what God gave us.

Faster and more success, those are the selfish prayers we pray. “Lord, would you make it happen faster?” “Lord, will you grow my business, my ministry, my bank account?” Lord, forgive us.

“Delight yourself in the Lord, and He will give you the desires of your heart.” Psalm 37:4

Lord, thank you for pointing out the first blooms today. Thank you Jesus for your love that gave us salvation. Thank you Lord for the gifts that go unnoticed. Please continue to show me that the small things serve you as well as the large things.

May God bless all of you and open your eyes to all the goodness He has for you.


One thought on “Do You See It?

  1. Sister Beth,
    Enjoyed as always and look forward to more.
    Have a blessed day and prayers,

    Your old security man


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